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                                                                                      All these books require a Kindle Reader           Free Kindle Reader for PC
                                   130 pages of dynamite for those who want their Financial  Freedom.           Start a Freedom Business
                                                                  This book will have you in stitches and entertained.           Rich Dad Poor Dad
                                               The Nine Rules of Wealth You Should Have Learned in School           Millionaire Teacher
                     Exchange Traded Funds for Dummies (take the high cost's out of investing)           ETF's For Dummies
       To Create your own Ethical Will -  leave a Legacy of Knowledge to your Loved Ones          So Grows The Tree
             Learn more about Exchange Traded Funds on a South African Platform of ETF's          E.T.F. Education 
     In a World were "Treating Clients Fairly" is being legislated - You can't miss reading          Firms of Endearment 
                           The Future is better than you think  ---- Bill Gates recommends you read           Abundance
                           The Power of Now  -----  Ekhart Tolle         The Power of Now
                                                                Introduction To Help Videos